Nothing builds excitement and enthusiasm more than a custom-built set. DTI’s scenic design department takes great pride in the design and execution of sets that leave lasting impressions on audiences. Innovative uses of truss, stretch fabric, scrims, and other traditional (and alternative) theatrical elements transform the most mundane hotel ballrooms into futuristic “halls of champions”, or drab sports arenas into the most formal of ballrooms. And DTI owns or produces most of the elements used in the sets, which translates into superior value.


DTI designs and constructs stages from simple to extraordinary, stages designed to handle whatever is thrown at them, whether it’s a CEO jumping a motorcycle onstage, a twenty-foot revolving turntable featuring a prototype automobile, or the unveiling of a multi-car race team and title sponsors. And since safety and reliability are paramount at any event, DTI owns all of the truss, motors, lifts, and steel necessary to safely suspend equipment over a stage and throughout a venue.


DTI’s full-time staff of designers and carpenters creates and builds-to-order props and scenic pieces as required for any event as well as custom painted murals, cycs and backdrops. Whether it’s a 20 foot long laser canon, a 500-lb aluminum and steel corporate logo a the center piece for a stage, an Olympic-type flame for an event’s opening ceremony, or giant 45rpm records for a 50’s themed party, DTI will help bring the stage alive.

Elevate Your Next Keynote
Effectively designed stages built to amplify the aesthetic of your brand
Custom Scenery
Bring your event’s thematic concepts to life with custom built scenic elements
Signage and Way-finding
Expertly crafted multi-dimensional signage and way finding for your next event