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Surround your event’s attendees in the physical essence of your brand and style utilizing the synchronized effort of cutting edge event production strategy.


Capture the attention of an audience overstimulated on a daily basis with our established approach to event design and multimedia deployment.


What happens today means nothing without the inspiration to take action tomorrow. Know that a well-produced event has effectively motivated your audience.

Experience a Different Approach to Event Production

Our amazing client base turns to Dodd Technologies time and time again to push the envelope of what it means to produce a live event.
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Our sister company VEROSHIELD provides services and solutions to get your people back to your events!


Dodd Technologies is committed to taking on as much or as little production responsibility as your event requires.

True Value

Providing a complete production solution under a single roof allows DTI to deliver value to our customers

Safety First

Our production teams value the safety and lives of the crew, your team presenting on stage, and the audience members.