Audio Live Event Production

Dodd offers the highest quality sound design and systems in the industry for both recording and sound reinforcement. For over 20 years, we’ve provided sound services for a diverse range of events, from major concerts and entertainment to Fortune 500 meetings, international airport grand openings and even presidential visits.

So, regardless of the scope or scale, we have the expertise and equipment to make the sound at any event clear, intelligible and flawless.

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Proper Audio Reinforcement
Fill your event space with crystal-clear audio, regardless of the size — from board rooms to stadiums. Dodd has extensive inventory of high-quality point source and line source speakers that can easily and efficiently deliver your message to your audience.

Wireless Coordination
In the ever-connected world we work in, coordinating the radio frequency at a venue is hugely important. Let our technicians make sure your event goes off without a hitch — both with pre-coordination and on-site policing of the airwaves.

Complex Communication Systems
Keep everyone in the loop. Utilizing extensive networking and communication capabilities, we can ensure reliable and clear communication between everyone involved in executing your event. Dodd employs highly networkable digital systems — both wired and wireless — to give the user flexibility and peace of mind at the show site.

System Design and Integration
Leaning on our expertise, Dodd can design and integrate large-scale systems for temporary events or permanent installs. Using CAD and 3D modeling, we can provide efficient designs before any equipment is purchased.

Archival, Live Recording, Multi-Track, Post-Production.